Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fueling on Plants, Lunching at Work

Hello Bloggies!!

I hope your 2011 goals and intentions are going strong. I have been doing really well by staying active, eating healthy and trying to get as much GREEN into my diet as possible.

I like to start my day off with a a very GREEN shake in my Vita-Mix

Jammed pack full of greens - Spinach + Kale
I absolutely LOVE Amazing Grass products, they make me feel, well amazing! I make sure a scoop of Amazing Meal is in my smoothie as well as the Wheat Grass powder I just purchased from iherb.com

When I have more time or am real hungry I opt for some oats instead.
Rolled oats cooked on the stovetop, splash of almond milk, walnuts and coconut butter

Sometimes I fit in my workout before work and others after work. Do you prefer a AM workout or a PM workout? For me I guess it always depends on the day and my mood. Also if I am rushing to get to work, or if I overslept you better believe I am working out in the PM :)

Here is a yummy salad that I created last week:
Kale, Cuke, Spinach, Carrots, Tomato + Sunflower seeds

I have also opted to bring my lunches to work from now on, I am eating leftovers from tofu to chili to stirfry. We have a microwave at work so it definately works out nicely.

Re-heated Vegan Chili, I think next I am going to add tofu to my chili.

re-heated Tofu StirFry

Today it's a "TST"
Tofu, Spinach, Tomato Sandwich

I baked some tofu this weekend and have some leftovers - I thought why not on a sandwich??

I warmed the 3 slices of tofu in the microwave and placed on my pre-made and brought from home sandwich, complete with Ezekiel bread, Veganaise, yellow mustard, spinach & tomato.

This was way good! I will be posting the tofu recipe soon!!

I hope you have a wonderful week!!



  1. Keep up the good work with healthy eating :) I have been seeing amazing grass products on blogs EVERYWHERE! I need to get some!!

  2. Amazing grass tastes so good and is truly an amazing product when you look at the ingredients, all organic, vegan, non gmo goodness in there! Wow I sound like I am advertising for them! haha