Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I have been up to...

Enjoying lots of summer sunets on the lake on my new...

Boat! :)

I currently live about .5 miles from 3 lakes and figured I would get a lot of use out of a boat... I haven't even had it for a week yet and we have been on it like crazy!!!

I have wanted a boat for quite some time and have been looking the past 2 summers here and there at boats on craigslist. Now that I am living so close to the lakes and have more room to store it - I jumped on the first great deal that I found.... and I am in love with soaking up the sun, family and friend time and everything else that comes along with having a boat.

I have been terribly sore from tubing for 2 days straight.... so sore I can barely lift up my arms. That has really put a damper on my work outs :(

Garden is in and doing fairly well - my camera is still MISSING so please excuse the cell phone pictures!

Dealing with a sick puppy (his eyes were swollen)... I think he had an allergic reaction to a bug, possibly a spider or bee that he ate? He loves to eat bugs... silly little pup.

Stayed at Hotel Rome in the Wisconsin Dells, and enjoyed some R & R rollercoasters, wave pools, and go karts for 2 days straight. I was more tired when I got home from the mini vacay.

Margarita's on the rocks always hit the spot after a long day or sunbathing :)

Kujo is better now and after a vet visit and some meds - he is back to his old self :)

Kaiya is my tanning buddy - she loves to lay in the sun and soak it up right next to me! :)

Hope you are enjoying your summer!!!

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