Thursday, January 20, 2011

Taco Twist

Hey friends! Glad we are over the hump! It definately feels like this week is flying by to me since I had Monday off of work.

I wanted to share a new twist I did on my classic bean "tacos", trying to clean out the fridge on the kick of getting more vegetables into my diet for 2011.

I present you with Fajita-Tacos....

First I sliced some onions and red peppers and lightly tossed them in some olive oil and in a pan for about 5 minutes over medium-low heat. I just wanted to add some warmth and keep the crunch.

I threw in some spinach and cooked just a minute or two.

In the meantime prepare Vegan refried beans
Layer in wrap of choice, with guacamole of course
Add in some (homemade) salsa

Roll it up and devour.

......Ezekiel wrap of course. LOVE THEM!!!!

Happy Thursday!



  1. We had tacos the other night too! I love Ezekiel wraps!

  2. Mexican and Asian cuisines are my weakness!! Looks like a great dinner :)