Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snowtoriously Snowed In

Hey everyone! Don't ask where I came up with "snowtorious" but since I am snowed in for most likely the next 24 hours it seemed right.

We got about 1 foot of snow on the ground already and it was snowing all morning. I went in to work early and there was definately a calm before the storm, since it stopped snowing from around 2-4pm (in Waukesha County anyway) but we are supposed to get another 9-14 inches until about noon tomorrow (Wednesday). There are 50 mph winds and it is quite crazy out there right now. There are snow drifts about 5 feet deep in my back yard.

I attempted to take a picture outside not too long ago and this is all I got.

Way toooooooooo windy....

All the snow is stuck in the screens to the windows, so you can barely even see out the windows and doors.

What a great night to blog, watch a movie and eat some delicious vegan food.

Tonight I made Tofu Stir Fry & it turned out great thanks to my tofu press.

It was my first time buying and cooking with Bamboo Shoots - they tasted great in the stir fry and I also added in bean sprouts to the brown rice - amazing.

I made a Veganized Version of Stacked Vegetable Lasagna yesterday evening got the recipe from Alyssa at fashionfitnessfoodie.

Layered in the pan...
Olive oil - coat your pan
Cauliflower (trimmed and sliced through the diameter into very thin slices) - this is the bottom layer
Thin Slices of Eggplant on top of cauliflower
Portabella mushrooms
Red Onion slices
Zucchini slices
Add tomato slices

Top with Cheese (I used Daiya Vegan Mozzerella Shreds)

Pour sauce over this and more cheese. I also used a little bit of salt & pepper, and Italian Seasonings for more flavor.

Alyssa let hers sit under the broiler for 10 minutes, but that didn't seem to work to well for mine. The Daiya started to (almost) burn, so I baked it for about 15 minutes at a low temp of about 350 degrees.
Besides I wanted the cauliflower to be soft.

This was a great dish and definately something different. I enjoyed it and plan on making it again in the future!

I hope you enjoy and let me know if you decide to make it!



  1. Love the word Snowtorious!
    I also say that Snowzilla and Icezilla have arrived!
    Iced in here for 2 days. Bummer that I have to get out to work tomorrow morning.
    I've enjoyed this day of baking though!

  2. Good job!! I loved this lasagna...hope you did too :)