Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Delicious Vegan Pancakes

I had breakfast food for dinner and it was fantastic. Super easy Vegan Pancake recipe that is so easy to whip up!!

All you need is (LOVE):

1 C whole wheat pastry flour (or any flour you have on hand)
1 T Agave (or any sweetener of your choice)
2 T baking powder
1/8 teaspoon of salt
1 C of almond milk (or soy, rice etc)
2 T coconut oil
(any other add ins) I added in blueberries

Combine ingredients and whisk until there are no lumps

Not the prettiest picture but they were great, and since I didn't feel like grocery shopping or eating hommus and salsa all night - they worked for dinner. Enjoy :)

Speaking of Hommus and Salsa.... I picked these up the other day and the Jalapeno hommus is great and I think I see a homemade version in my future and the Lisa's Salsa is also delicious and spicy!!

First day of the blog challenge:

Day 1: Introduce, recent picture of yourself, 15 interesting facts

Well if you are reading my blog you know that I am Nichole, I have been blogging off and on for a little over 2 years - basically after I learned about the whole blog world I was really intrigued and interested in so many amazing blogs out there. Also it has made me more aware... and I figured it would be interesting to show my vegetarian eats from time to time.

A recent picture of me:

15 interesting (or not) facts:

1. I bought my first house when I was 20
2. I love to play volleyball
3. Been a Prescatarian for over 3 years, haven't touched any fishies since 2010
4. Love Marilyn Monroe and James Dean
5. I drive a Jeep
6. My closet used to be color coordinated, now it is by type of clothing
7. I want to have kids of my own someday, just not sure when
8. I want to travel to Europe, Australia & Fiji
9. I hope to learn more about photography
10. I believe in retail therapy
11. I dislike really cold weather but still live in Wisconsin
12. I have a really big family and love it
13. I work at a bank - doing residential mortgages, I do enjoy my job
14. I am 5'1 tall
15. I am slowly learning how to meditate :)

There ya go... interesting or not???

I have had a long, tiring Wednesday and I am ready for bed. Good night, world!

Bring on Thursday :D



  1. I love pancakes for dinner :) Especially blueberry ones!
    I believe in retail therapy too and australia and fiji are on my list for places to travel as well!!

  2. We definately have a lot in common! Too bad we didn't reside in the same state, not a lot of my friends "get" the foodie in me :D

  3. I can't believe you bought your first house at 20! Go you! That is amazing!

    I love Australian accents, I would love to visit one day!

  4. Well I have been in real estate since I have been 18 so I had an advantage there!