Monday, February 7, 2011


Let me just start out by congratulating the Green Bay Packers on their Superbowl win and welcome home the trophy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here I am in my Green and Gold gear :)

We even did shots for every Packer touchdown!!

I last posted about a Giveaway on my blog & I wanted to thank those of you who entered!

The winner I choose through random number generator.

The winner was Liz and I will be sending Liz the email with the gift certificate code!

Congratulations Liz and thanks to all who entered. Hopefully I will be able to do another giveaway soon!

I got my hair colored last week and I went with some low lights. Blonde makes me feel really washed out in the winter... maybe I will go completely dark in the near future... :D

What do you think?



Even though the sun is shining on my hair in the first picture and I am not smiling in the 2nd - I assure you it is quite darker. I like it a lot and it makes me want to go much darker since I can see it on myself :)

Have a great week!



  1. Whoever did your hair did a nice job, looks nice and nature, and either or looks good, but I wouldn't go too dark you don't want to look washed out.
    Love the shooters, good for you, what flavors are they?

  2. They were lime and lemon flavored shots. I think really blonde hair makes my feel/look washed out, but when I go darker it seems more natural, ya know?

  3. I think your hair looks great! I actually think your hair fits your face both ways... So whichever you feel more comfortable with!
    Yay Packers!