Monday, February 21, 2011

No Good Monday

Today was kind of a drag for me... the weather was horrible (hello ice storm), the first day back to work after a weekend is always a little lackluster but still... I am thinking is has something to do with spring fever... all the snow melted with the warmer temps and now it's freezing again and we are getting more snow. I am tired of snow and ready for sun and warmth, but hey this happens every year, right?

I did have a nice package waiting for me which definately cheered me up. I ordered some awesome products from

My big box of goodies...

Free Samples are always nice..

Multi Vitamins

Amazing Grass

Wheat Grass powder, haven't tried this stuff yet but it was much cheaper than the Amazing Grass so I thought I would give it a shot...

Have you checked out If you do use this code XUT690 and save $5 on your first order.
I really like to compare the prices and I have noticed I am saving a lot more with ordering certain products online. 

How was your weekend? Mine consisted of a low key Friday night, where I made some Vegan Lasagna that turned out wonderfully... no pictures unfortunately. 
Saturday night I went out with a friend to Casablanca's   which just happens to be a hookah bar & fabulous middle eastern restaurant. We had some delicious appetizers...

Falafels, hummos that was amazing, tuboleh salad, potato salad and baba ganoush with amazing pita bread.... I want more, now...

We also tried some hookah.. and I believe the flavor was "Cactus"
I am not a smoker but I had fun with this, and the flavor was really good.

Good times were had ;)

Now it's back to the grind once again... it was hard to get motivated to workout today, I still did it but it was tough to stick with it. I hope tomorrow is better! Have a great week loves!



  1. today was not my favorite day either - its snowing after 77 degree weather just 2 days ago! what the heck!?
    LOVE your dress in the last picture... here's to a better day tomorrow for us :)

  2. Thanks! It is from BEBE - my favorite place :)

  3. I was just saying how I miss going to hookah bars! I love getting packages in the mail!