Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Valentine Dinner Recap

Hello friends! Happy hump day! I am enjoying the heat wave (laughable) in southeastern Wisconsin. It has been in the single digits here the last couple weeks after the blizzard. In the last few days it has been in the mid 40's and sunshine has been abundant. Snow has been melting... and I have some serious spring fever!!!!! I think a vacation is in my near future.

I wanted to give you a recap on my fabulous Valentine's day dinner at the always wonderful Cafe Manna. They had a 4 course Valentine's Day special that of course I had to try... all of the pictures were taken with my phone.....

First course was a salad with Taro Root -
Loved this salad and never had Taro Root before... I am sure many people wouldn't know the different between this and a potato.

They also had a Cream of Spinach soup which was not vegan but certainly delicious.

I had some organic fair trade green tea = great tasting.

Palate Cleanser 2nd course vegan Sorbet.

My main course was a Vegetable Torte
It has lots of veggies and a potato custard with plaintains. This was much larger than it looks and I could only eat half of it... saving room for dessert...

My date has the calzone which I also tried and it was great. He is not a vegetarian and prefers to eat meat. However he did enjoy this meal and left with a stuffed tummy :)

Dessert!!! Raspberry Sauce, Fresh Raspberries, with a Raspberry Sorbet in between those cookie type cakes. They were chewy and hard so I dipped pieces of them into the sorbet and it was delicious.


Loved the dinner and loved that I had leftovers!!



  1. Mmm your dinner and dessert look amazing! We have NO restaurants within a 30 mile radius that serve Vegan dishes or desserts.

  2. There really isn't much in the Milwaukee area with organic and vegan options, except this place... which is a bit of a drive but so worth it!