Friday, October 29, 2010

Sandwiches & Sushi

I have my kitchen put together now, just putting decor up now is on my list. Things are still a little hectic and I haven't really cooked a real meal. Sandwiches, soups and store bought sushi have been on the menu.

My new kitchen with the old appliances - working on getting new ones very soon!

Tofurkey, spinach, tomato, mustard and veganaise on ezekiel bread

An insane amount of homemade hummus that was scraped off, this hummus and veggie sandwich from Sprizzo Cafe. Very good just way TOO much hummus for that 1/2 sandwich.

Store bought veggie sushi, looked good tasted okay. Nothing special, really. 

I am loving the new house just need to get everything situated, I have been working long hours at my office and trying to buy new things for the house. I didn't have two bathrooms in the old house so lots of accessories to buy... I just want to relax... haha


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