Monday, November 1, 2010

Busy as a B

This was a very long week for me. First week in the new house, and a busy week at work left me no time at all to get the new place in order. I was out running errands Thursday evening after work until about 8pm.

I spent about a weeks pay at Bed, Bath & Beyond (my new favorite store). I purchased a down alternative comforter, a duvet cover, some pillows, wall decor and pictures and the price tag was hefty. However the beauty sleep was priceless.

I really enjoyed the down "alternative" comforter, so COMFY! and the Black Leopard matches my room decor very well. I am going with a "Old School Hollywood" type decor. I have a lot of Marilyn Monroe framed pictures as well as James Dean so I think this goes pretty nice.

Being so busy my eats have not been the best lately. Lots of sandwiches and soups.
Grilled Ezekiel bread and Daiya Cheese (Vegan Grilled Cheese) Pretty Tasty!!!!

I wish more of my nights were filled with rest and relaxation, like Kujo enjoying our new fireplace.

    There was a crackle and a pop and he jumped up and started barking... it was pretty funny!

The dogs are enjoying the big yard and I play frisbee with them daily. Here is Kaiya anxiously waiting me to throw the frisbee.
Kujo acts like he wants to run and catch is but is rather slow to actually do anything, while Kaiya leaves him in the dust.

I hope everyone had a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!

I had a great weekend with a couple of my besties enjoying some girl time. We dressed up for Halloween and it was a BLAST!!! I will be posting about that soon.


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