Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wellness Boosting

A few weeks ago I posted on being sick and some home remedies. I purchased some wellness booster from Outpost and was taking this along with my other remedies.

It is basically a natural herbal extract made by Outpost. The Wellness Booster supports the body's natural defenses by promoting a healty immune system, upper respiratory system and mucous membranes.

Sounds great when you are fighting a chest cold and lots of gross mucous! They seem to be working great.

I am interested to see how I do this winter in regards to getting sick and trying to stay healthy.

Have you ever tried any "wellness boosters" any herbs that do the trick for you when you are sick?

On another note let me show you some of the mess with the bath renovation with the upstairs of my duplex.

This antique claw foot tub was boxed in for who knows how long, but it has to come out because there was some leaking around the top and it just wasn't executed very well by whomever installed this. I put the tub on craigslist because I was told I could get some $$ for it however it has been a week & not one person emailed me. I don't have time to mess around anymore so we are just getting rid of it at this point.

I feel wasteful not being able to get it to someone that could restore it, however I think we can take it in the a re-store so they can at least recycle the material.

Next up is a new tub purchase, and the countdown is on for the big move. We are all excited over here.

We are going from this for a backyard..............

To this.............

Too much yard work, maybe?


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