Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oh So Sweet...

Eats that is.. oh and what a beautiful day it is going to be, 80 degrees in Milwaukee!

I have quite the list of interesting eats to share for this past week, as you will see I have been busy in the kitchen as of late.

I made some fantastic Vegan Banana Walnut Pancakes for breakfast on Sunday. I used a pancake mix that was vegan..
There were instructions on making pancakes on this "mix" but I switched it up a bit...
I used 1 mashed banana in place of the 2 eggs
1 T of coconut oil in place of canola oil

The recipe also called for sugar, I put a small amount of Agave Syrup to sweeten it up a bit but I think next time I will skip this because it was not needed! Also added small handful of walnuts (went very well with the banana)

Combining... Stirring....

Cooking... these were simply THE BEST pancakes I have ever had, so moist and delicious. I think I have outdone myself :)

I topped them with some Earth Balance and Real Maple Syrup and they were a slice of HEAVEN.

I tried Angela's Vegan Overnight Oats, and I could see myself doing this a lot in the summer. Cold oats, you say? They were fabulous and I loved every bite.

1/3 Cup Regular Oats
3/4 Cup almond milk
2 T Chia Seeds
1 ripe banana (mashed)
1/4 pure vanilla extract

Combine these ingredients cover and place in fridge overnight.

Top with syrup, nut butters, nuts... etc! Serve them cold.
Soooo quick and easy... I loved them!!

I re-created the Garlic Dill Wrap from Steaming Cup from last week's post at home with hummus, spinach, tomato, carrots and cukes in a whole wheat wrap.

All rolled up..
SUPERB! This is great lunch for summer...

Vegan Spaghetti with Nutrional Yeast
and ezekial pasta!

I used Boca's vegan soy crumbles with a organic tomato sauce, garlic, onion, zuccini, peppercini, and mushrooms. 

Lastly... my final dish to share, I was craving some fries... so I opted for Sweet Potato Fries.

MY GOODNESS these are to DIE for!

Such great flavor... I used oilive oil, italian seasonings and sea salt, pepper. Baked at 425 for 40 minutes or so, I like mine crisp so I kept turning them and baking them longer.

I have some good news to share, my kitchen remodel is almost finished.... here is an updated picture to gander at....

I spent all last weekend priming and painting and re-painting... the new tile floor is going in and shortly will have my kitchen back and let me tell you it's been a long time coming!!!!


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