Thursday, April 29, 2010

Not so Vegetarian Vacation

I had a fantastic vacation in South Florida with my cousins. We started off the vacation right - we went on the beach right away.

Later that night we hit the Blue Fish Company in Pompano Beach for some dinner. We had scallops, amongst other things but no pictures of food this night, I think we were too hungry!

We also had a great lunch at Aruba Beach Cafe, they had this delicious bread brought to our table with honey butter.

Crab Nachos, Peel and Eat Shrimp and Seafood Soup

Even though the crab nachos were way too cheesy there were still good. We even got a side of black beans to add on top of them.

Seafood is soooooooooooo good in Florida.

We went to Miami on Saturday for some sun in South Beach and stopped for lunch at the famous Ocean's 10........

Fish Tacos

Greek Salad

Tuna Sliders were great - had seaweed salad and wasabi mayo on them.

A lot of drinking while on vacation......

Lots of sunshine....

(Huevos Rancheros)
My cousin Haley's yummy cooking...

Views of the Ocean...

Lots of DRESS UP!

Nights out with good eats and family...

So sad to leave..........

Coming back to Wisconsin after 6 days of fun in the WARM sun.. is well, depressing. It should be in the 60's most of the week... which is a good thing... I guess?!


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