Thursday, April 8, 2010

Quinoa Bars

After taking a short break from the gym (this past weekend + Monday), I have been back it at pretty hard. Tuesday evening I did 40 mins of the eliptical, 20 minutes on the stairmaster, weights and abs. Wednesday I did about the same + some core work with Jackie Warner on demand. Thursday (this morning) I have yet to hit the gym but I did a last chance workout with Jillian Michaels and that was a great start to my morning.

I had this delicious salad Tuesday night...
-Mixed Greens
-Sunflower seeds
-Garbonza Beans
-Bean Sprouts
-Pea Pods
topped with Wildtree homemade Italian dressing

This salad seriously filled me up for hours!

I also am dealing with a sick puppy at home, he has been acting "different" all day yesterday, sleeping a lot and not his normal wild self. He seems better today but it is scary thinking something could be wrong with your pet because they hide sickness and pain so well so when you can tell something is bothering them, you know it's really is.

Poor Kujo Mujo :(

On a lighter note I had lunch at a different place today close to my work in downtown Waukesha. It is called The Steaming Cup and it is a wonderful little cafe right in the heart of downtown Waukesha.

(no we don't have that much snow right now)

I ordered the Garlic Dill Wrap minus cheese w/ fruit for a side. This was delicious!!

This was made with a garlic dill sauce, carrots, lettuce, onions, cucumber, tomato & sprouts.
I really enjoyed the tomato basil wrap with the veggies it gave it that extra flavoring that was right on point. I don't think the "dill sauce" is vegan I am sure it has sour cream in it, maybe next time I can opt for mustard or another vegan option???

I also bought one of these to enjoy with my lunch since they looked fabulously organic...

I thought I might enjoy this crunch after I enjoyed my wrap. Truth be told while this is good, it is a little sweet for me. It reminds me of carmel popcorn (which I love) but I think the rice syrup adds quite a bit of sweetness that is just a little much for me.

If I am ever craving anything sweet this will surely do the trick! It is Gluten Free, and VEGAN. Very crunchy and it would be good for dessert after any meal.

They also had chocolate Quinoa bars as well, I think I will try that one next!


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