Monday, November 23, 2009

Good Vegan Eatin'

I would like to introduce the "Green Lemonade" that I have been throwing into my juicer for breakfast. I usually make a pitcher of it and drink a glass each morning until it is gone. I will make it generally once a month.

Green Leafy Vegetables... this is what was in this glass:
Kale or any green leafy veggie (I used kale & collard greens)
1 head of Romaine
1-2 Apples (I use Fiji) for sweetness
1 lemon - gets rid of the "gritty or green" taste

I got this recipe from the Raw Food Detox Diet book. You don't have to peel the lemon just throw it all in the juicer- peel and all. This is so full of live-enzymes and easy absorbable for our bodies, plus imagine eatting all of that in the morning, if we juice it we get all those leafy greens in us that have been absorbing sunshine in minutes! I really do enjoy this, I think adding in the lemon is brilliant, I have tried juicing spinach before I had this recipe, and let me tell you the lemon really helps that green flavor dissapear.

I made my trip to Outpost Natural Foods and here are my goodies:

Organic Raw Blue Agave, Stevia, Veganaise, Sea Salt, Veggie Broth, Tofutti "Sour Cream", Rice cheese, Peanut Butter, Seaweed Salas, Zevia Natural Soda, Brown Rice & Quinoa. This was not a cheap trip to the grocer!! Ha Ha... hopefully most of this stuff will last me awhile! :)

That night I made Vegan Bean Burritos - and they were fantastic!

I simply took one can of organic pinto beans (drained & rinsed) cover with water in a pot and bring to a boil (I add chili powder & garlic powder) reduce heat and mash the beans, I added 1 slice of "rice" cheese waited for that to melt (it was fantastic)!

Ezekial tortilla
pinto beans & black beans
organic leafy greens
Tofutti "sour cream"
mashed avacado

I could eat these once a week. I try to eat as many vegan meals as possible lately, the hard part is getting new ideas.. I will be making Kabocha Squash Soup soon, which I am excited to do!
I am kind of anxious about Thanksgiving, on what I should eat, I can fill up on stuffing, cranberry, potatoes, & green bean caserole just fine - I know I will not eat any turkey. I guess I am just concerned about what else is could be in the side dishes, how much butter, milk, cheese etc.. that I am trying to stay away from. I would make my own but I have my entire kitchen being remodeled right now. Hopefully it will be done before Christmas!! :)


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  1. Hey sweetie. I haven't had green lemonade in forever. Looks like a fantastic trip to the store. Those burritos look great as well. I have never had an Ezek. tortilla. I must try them :)

    Are you going to Aunt Vera's for Thanks? Will Micheal be in town? I miss you all!! We will be in Indiana :( :(. I don't have any control over the dinner and I am starting to get worried!! haha

    Love You,