Thursday, December 2, 2010

Vegan Lasagna

Happy December!!! Even though it is the beginning of a brutal winter in Wisconsin, I still love the month of December.
It's the first year I put my Christmas tree up the day after Thanksgiving. I think I was eager to put it in the new house. I have been very productive lately getting lots of Christmas shopping done over the internet. Do you or anyone you know participate in the craziness that is Black Friday?

I really don't like to be in crowded stores to begin with. I avoid the grocery store at 5pm, unless there is no avoiding it, however that is the "after-work" rush. I prefer to do my grocery shopping later in the evening to avoid those crowds. For that reason alone I don't think I would fare well on Black Friday at any electronic store. I did go to a furniture store and it was not that crowded. I didn't buy anything but I am keeping my eye out for a good deal on a new couch.

I have been feeling pretty creative lately and I have been pretty busy in the kitchen. My favorite was over last weekend, and thanks to Mama Pea I enjoyed some "tofu ricotta" as well.

Vegan Lasagna
1 package of lasagna noodles (I used whole wheat noodles)
1 jar of organic tomato sauce or make your own
1 T garlic
1 small onion
tomatoes (optional)


First step boil lasagna noodles in big enough kettle. Or wait for them to get soft and press them in the kettle, like I did.

Meanwhile I was warming up the frozen Boca Crumbles on the stove with some minced garlic, tomatoes, and a small onion that I chopped.

When noodles are cooked, I layed them out to dry.

Layer Ricotta over noodles with a spoon to spread it, then layer meat and sauce mixture & topping with the cheeses. Repeat Layers.

Bake for one hour at 375 degrees.

Try to take a picture before indulging into this masterpiece.

Don't share with Kujo, no matter how long he stares.



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