Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Running on Empty

I feel like I have been running on empty. I am battling a cold right now, seems like everyone has around my household as well. Bad cough, itchy throat and not much energy. I am trying remedies that I know have worked for me in the past and I am hoping to conquer this virus!
I am eating lots of greens and soups (always feel good on a sore throat), drinking a lot of water, and working out (as long as I have the energy to do it). I made a batch of Green Goddess Soup which is a recipe from my cousin Haley Montemayor who is developing her own blog and website at Healthy Habit Lifestyle. Hopefully she posts the recipe soon!

The Green Goddess soup is a VERY green soup and amazing at that. 24 Cups of chopped greens (kale, spinach and swiss chard) in this soup & I love eating it knowing how healthy it is for me! This has got to beat that virus, RIGHT!?
(re-heated and enjoying for lunch @ work)
Very Green Goddess like, No?

This would be a fantastic baby food recipe!
Speaking of babies.. I was lucky enough to hang out with my little cousin Silas on Sunday and take him to an indoor pool party. I LOVE THIS BOY!!!!
& he loves the water. He loves to splash splash splash!!!!

Sleeping Angel. :) So tired from all the splashing.

I think Miso soup has some healing abilities as well. What do you think?
Not sure about the packaged kind but I am hoping so! I love Luden's throat drops, taste great and really help my irratated throat.

I am getting ready to move out of the city and into the country. I am extremely excited to move but not looking forward to packing! I started packing some of my decor and books off of my bookshelf.
My living room looks like this....
Can't wait to be in the new place and enjoy a more peaceful life. Right now I am on a busy intersection and can always hear traffic, lots of people walking by, garbage blowing in my front yard is inevitable. I am ready to move on. Looking forward to a quieter lifestyle and even though I love the city - it will only be a short drive away. You know who else can't wait to move....

They have no idea what's coming and the BIG yard they will get to run around in. We will also have a large field directly behind our yard. Less than 30 days now! I better get on that packing.... :o & feeling better.


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