Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Finds and Reviews

Hello! :)~

On my recent trip to my Co-op I found Ezekiel brand pasta - does it get better than that?!?!
Sprouted Grain Pasta went perfectly with the vegan chili I made this weekend. Healthy pasta, I didn't think it exsisted. This has to be somewhat new for Ezekiel because I have not seen it before.
(Kujo wanted to show his face).

I really enjoyed this stuff and it cooked really fast, faster then whole grain pasta. Also I don't eat pasta very often but when I do I know this is the very best option. I love all Ezekiel products from the breads, tortillas and now pasta! :)

On another note I decided a couple months ago it was time to QUIT the "fake baking". I am a very fair skinned individual with plenty of freckles. I have all the attributes to get skin cancer... throw a tanning bed in there and I am VERY high risk. Recently I had 3 family members get cancerous moles removed, and I have also gotten moles removed in the past however they were not cancerous, just changing or annoying.
I decided that it was time to quit for good. I have been trying new self tanning products and I must say that I love this stuff....

This gives me an amazing tan! Just make sure you put it on evenly. I am using the MEDIUM tone and it is perfect. Right now since it is winter I am using it on my face, and upper body not much on my lower body at all. This product maybe a little on the expensive side but not more expensive than a  month's worth of tanning. I purchased this from Sephora. I think I will be stocking up ;)

I am so happy that it is March already and ready to move on to spring. I remember last St. Patrick's Day it was very warm outside and the snow was melted... we have about 15 days until then -- the weather better get a move on!!!


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