Thursday, February 25, 2010

Weekend Fun

 I had a busy little weekend which did not include a lot of work out time, so I am welcoming the new week with lots of sweaty workouts ahead of me! :)

With a birthday party on Friday night instead of the cheese pizza I opted for the vegetable tray and hummus. Saturday was a busy day with lots of shopping and running around, another birthday party and then out for the night with one of my besties :)

My drink of choice? Absolut & tonic with lime.

I was craving some major carbs on Sunday evening so decided to make some vegan spaghetti with 7 grain pasta noodles. I just couldn't do the "zucchini noodles" my body was craving the sugar.. must have been those vodka tonics I consumed the night before.

I ordered a fantastic product a couple days ago which I am enjoying in my smoothies and it's great for a vegetarian.
Amazing Grass truly is amazing. They sent me a bunch of samples of different products as well. Can't wait to try them all! They even have Kidz Superfood which is fantastic to get a child to drink a smoothie with all these amazing ingredients. I really felt great after throwing this into a smoothie and I am really impressed with the chocolatey taste. Besides it being totally organic, raw and vegan - it makes you feel great! I am just hoping I can buy it in bulk, which I haven't seen the option yet. This container pictured has about 15 servings.

I took this right before a cardio/strength workout at the gym yesterday. I did 45 minutes on the eliptical machine and a 5 minute cool down, did some ab work, arm and leg training machines and then hit the ski machine for a 20 minute cardio session. Total 1 hour and 10 minutes of cardio - not bad hey?

Here are some of my favorite things lately....

lightly steamed brussel sprouts

raw cukes - so delish! :)

I am loving my vegetables and trying to keep lots of them in the house for snacking and for my meals. Trying to eat as much RAW food as possible so even though there are not any interesting recipes - filling up on the raw stuff can be just as good!


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