Monday, June 6, 2011

Catching Up

Sorry I have been so M.I.A. lately. I can't believe it's been almost 2 weeks since my last post. I was SO busy getting ready for our Memorial Day party last weekend that I didn't post and then a whole week went by!

I STILL haven't gotten my garden planted because the tiller I had on hand is not working. Bummer. A couple of my green bean plants are wilting but I still have quite a few to work with at least. I am hoping the BF gets the tiller working soon because we don't have much time left at all. :(

So what have I been up to? I spent a lovely and hot Saturday boating with my mother :)

We soaked up some sun and maybe some Bicardi ;)

((See that lovely necklace my mom is wearing? She hand makes the beads & makes the necklaces herself. She has a ton right now and I am trying to get her going on selling them because they are amazing))

And I may have lost my waterproof point + shoot camera...unless the boat ate it -- which then I am hoping we still find it somewhere :(

Saturday night I ventured out on the town with some friends..

I didn't last very long... I was so tired from boating all day (and no nap in between... waaaahhh) that I just couldn't hang like my normal self. I stayed out until about 11pm and then headed home for some much needed rest.

Sunday I went back to Roots Restaurant for brunch ~ I reviewed the dinner I had back in April here.
So sorrrrry... but I forgot to bust out the camera phone. They had a lovely Cream of Asparagus Soup... simply delish. I ordered a tofu scramble, which had tofu + asparagus and some other fixings - it was good but not as good as their dinner. The bloody mary I had was phenom.

After the lovely brunch,  I visited my aunt to see her new house she just bought a couple weeks ago and while on that side of town and before venturing back towards home I stopped at Outpost Natural Foods --  I so miss this place! I used to have one 5 minutes from my old house :( sad face. I stocked up on a lot of goodies!!! I got home around 5pm and it was still gorgeous - I played with the pups outside, opened up all the windows to air out the house and started cooking up Emily's awesomely delicious recipe for Mexican Quinoa.

I even ate leftovers for lunch today :) So much protein and I am fulllllllllllllllll. :)
I enjoyed this while watching the MTV Movie Awards... anyone else watch?? Anyone else sick of Twilight winning in every category? Don't get me wrong, I loved the books, enjoyed the movies but don't think the acting is THAT great.... Robert Pattinson is awkard in real life he is no Edward... I prefer some werewolf Taylor Lautner instead. Yup.


What I have been loving lately:

I honestly could drink chia seed pudding with vanilla almond milk after letting it sit for only 5 minutes... love Love LOVE <3!!!!!!!!!!

Ever since seeing this on Jessica's blog I have seriously been obsessed. Perfect summer salad - just make sure it make it fresh - since avacado tends to go back quickly and that can make a yucky salad :P
I may know from experience :/

Cheers to a fantastic and warm weather week!!!

** Please pray for me... that my mom finds my camera in her boat... ***sigh****




  1. i bet your garden is getting huge! why dont you pot some and plant the rest?

    ps. your mom should sell her stuff on etsy!

  2. omg you and your mom are seriously twins!!!

    im a taylor fan too...