Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Tease

Happy freaking Tuesday. The weather here is absolute crap. All day hail storm. Someone pissed off mother nature and it was not me! haha Thanks for coming early spring and teasing us here and then leaving us so abruptly.
Today was very somber for me. I had a family funeral to attend and the weather did not help the mood. At least I stayed dry in my new rain boots. Love these bad boys. I wore them out on Friday night, it was severe rain as well, not sure why I ventured out in that but at least my feet stayed dry.
What a conversation piece these turned out to be. Everyone wanted to comment on them and talk about them, touch them... strange... odd.. maybe they just haven't seen rainboots before???

Anyways, moving on I had a fun weekend with my girlfriends. We went out downtown Milwaukee and hit up some of the local establishments..

It was a very good time!

Last week I indulged on some new make up from my 2 favorite places :)

MAC pigmet in Rose

MAC shadows in Cranberry and Mythology
Bronzer by Too Faced, Eye Shadow by Too Faced, Smokey Eye Kit by Sephora (LOVE!)
Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara... LOVE.

I love makeup and I definately have a collection but I always like to try new styles as well so you could say my collection is building! :)

I made some interesting vegan fare as well lately. Recipes to come soon.

Sun Dried Tomato Pasta with Pine Nuts

Vegan Sheperd's Pie

I have some Teriakyi Tofu in the oven & it smells delicious!! Have a great night :)



  1. You look great Nichole! Love the dress :) Sorry to hear about the funeral..

  2. I love shepherd's pie! I actually had never had it until I made it for St. Patty's day. Mine wasn't vegan though so I'm looking forward to seeing your recipe!