Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blue Skies Ahead

I have been non-exsistent lately...... in the blogging world anyway. I have been keeping up on reading blogs just not commenting and not posting! Bad blogger :(

I have good reasonings... busy schedule, studying for insurance exam (which I passed today)! SCORE!, work, work and more work. However not that my studying is done I am hoping to get into the habit of posting a lot more and being able to have some fun!!!! We had some great weather in Milwaukee recently a couple days of 70 and 80 degrees which is really uncommon in April for WI weather. Getting ready for the summer months really bring a smile to my face!

I did finally get to try out this amazing restaurant in Milwaukee called Roots Restaurant & Cellar. This place is really great. I enjoyed every delicious bite. It has been a couple weeks since I was there so I am going to do my best and remember what these dishes were:
Parsnip "Ribs" Appetizer
Tempeh Taquitos

Coconut Oil Popcorn, Pickled Veggies and Chili flavored Chickpeas

My main course - Roasted Cauliflower over Balsamic Cream and Lentils.....Oh yes it tastes as good as it sounds :)

I love this place - so many creative and interesting options to choose from and they have a great wine selection as well. I can't wait to go back. They also have a rewards card for frequent patrons, which I think is a great idea!

They also have a nice view of downtown Milwaukee...

I made some delicious tofu that I had to use up last night for dinner.
I pressed the tofu with my wonderful tofu press.
Melted 1 TBSP of earth balance in a pan
added 1/2 yellow onion - once translucent add tofu (sprinkle with salt and pepper)
add Green pepper, mushrooms, broccoli etc
I enjoy cooking the tofu with all the ingredients so it absorbs the flavor.
I also added in a bunch of kale and spinach. Once the spinach and kale is cooked down and soft & my tofu is browned - I am ready to eat!
Added this into an Ezekiel Tortilla with Salsa & hot sauce!! Yummmmm....... flavors are so good!

I have also been busy with a few sporting events in the past 2 weeks..
Milwaukee Brewers for the WIN!

Milwaukee Bucks also for the WIN!
Kaela (my step sister) and I decided that we are lucky charms for sporting events. They always WIN when we go!!!! :)

Since I was so horrible with the 30 day Challenge I am going to try to do as many questions as I can to get this done and over with ASAP!

DAY 60 20: Nicknames: Nikki, Little Foot, Chicka, Colie
DAY 21: Favorite ALL TIME picture of myself?
This would be my most recent favorite that is easily accessible to me :)

Taken on St Patrick's Day :)

DAY 22: What's in your purse?
Not overly stuffed today but I always have my wallet, makeup bag, lip gloss, right now I have some coupons from bebe in there, a mini deoderant, bronzer, business cards, tanning goggles, mints, a camera, change, and a lighter. Random.... lol

Cheers to a great weekend and blue (summer) skies ahead!!!!



  1. why hello channel :) i have never heard of a tofu press! you have to share what it does!!

  2. Cara read this post from a couple months ago when I first bought my tofu press.... love love love this thing!

  3. I'm in MN and you are right- Monday and Tuesday were gorgeous and in the 70s, and today... the forecast includes snow? what?
    Oh well, it has to warm up for good sooner or later!