Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Back to Business!

I am proud to say that I am back on the right track. Last week went fairly fast and I even like to say my mood has improved quite a lot!! It is amazing how a little exercise can go so far.

Nothing but smiles :)

Saturday I had a great workout followed by this super green monster!

After coming back from a week long vacation I really had no motivation after coming back to this yucky weather we have been having lately. Thank goodness the sun is (finally) shining today and it was all weekend :)

This was taken from my office window in downtown Waukesha. The grass is green but there are no leaves on the trees yet!

I am eating lots of greens (sorry about the horrible picture).. these are greens (Rainbow Chard, Kale & Spinach) being cooked down for Green Goddess soup.

I also made Emily's Black Bean Hummus for my little cousin's 4th Birthday Party! I whipped this together in no time and it was a huge hit, even the kids liked it. I brought carrots & tortilla chips to serve with this.

I also made my cousin Haley's at the Soup Goddess Black Bean Soup (pics to come)! I really enjoyed this soup and have apparently been on a black bean kick!!!

Baby Silas had a fun time at the birthday party this weekend too! He is getting so big & so handsome <3 LOVE!

I have been jamming to a new playlist during my workouts and I had to share!

1. You Used to Hold Me - Calvin Harris
2. Here We Go - Beldina
3. Hold On - Rusko Feat. Amber Coffman
4. Lights (Bassnectar Remix) - Ellie Goulding
5. Starry Eyed - Ellie Goulding
6. Big Fat Bass - Britney Spears Feat. Will I Am
7. Ghosts n Stuff - DeadMau5
8. Move For Me - DeadMau5 & Kaskade
9. S&M Remix - Rihanna & Britney
10. Dirty Talk - Wynter Gordon

Besides this playlist I have been rocking out to Girl Talk's album All Day - pretty random mixes but it defiantely can keep your attention - google it, there is a free download out there and it will be a fun & upbeat listen for anyone who likes rock & hiphop.

Alyssa at FashionFitnessFoodie gave me the Versatile Blogger Award and I have to give out 7 random facts about myself... sounds easy enough?? haha

Here goes nothing...

1. My 2 dogs had 9 puppies 3 years ago (I did not try to get this to happen - just bad planning on my part)

They were some really cute puppies... my aunt has one of them and a couple other friends took some so I get to see them all grown up from time to time :)

2. I am a huge Red Hot Chili Pepper fan, I scored front row tickets a couple years back when they were in Milwaukee right when their album Stadium Arcadium came out.
3. I was inspired to start my blog after I became a vegetarian and my cousin Justine started Confessions of a SAHM (she isn't currently blogging right now - but I hope she returns someday).

4. In 5th grade we hatched baby chicks and baby ducks. Some people in class were able to take a baby home to take care of it overnight and on the weekends until they were ready to go back to the farm. I got really attached to my baby duck and it wouldn't even sleep unless it saw my face! My grandparents had a farm and I ended up being able to take it to their farm to live his life out there. For awhile he was still very friendly with humans, he would come into their home and swim with us in the pool. After a few months went by eventually he had bonded with the other geese and was afraid of us :(

5.  The first time I made tofu it was in a stirfry and I ended up throwing away the leftovers because I couldn't even stomach it. I am not sure if that was me not being used to it or not knowing how to cook it, but I am sure it is a little of both.

6.  When I first became a vegetarian a little over 2 years ago I lost about 15lbs - however this was due to healthy lifestyle changes as well, not just food.

7. My bedroom is decorated "old school hollywood style. Lots of James Dean & Marilyn Monroe pictures. Black & Silver decor.

Have a great Wednesday!


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  1. Love your 7 things! Glad you are back on track :)