Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I hate packing. It is not fun... making sure my bag is under 50lbs. Not an easy task.

 Thank goodness my brother is a light packer and I can fit some extra stuff into his bag.

And thank goodness for my matching carry on - that I can stuff a bunch more crap into :) Especially snacks and healthy ones like this that I am stocked up on...

I know I overpack... but considering how cold and windy it is supposed to be in California when I get there, I took out a bunch of shorts and replaced them with jeans and sweatshirts.... blah. I am praying for sunshine not rain while I am there.

I had a package of sprouted tofu that I needed to use up so I made my favorite tofu stirfry, I had to throw in whatever was not getting used... spinach included.

I am freezing the leftovers and will be enjoying the rest when I get back.

I am off to get some sleep... long day of travel ahead of me tomorrow. Have a great week and hope to be blogging as soon as I am back in Milwaukee.

Cousin Melissa & I

The lovely JOJO <3 Love her...

Going to miss some friends while I am gone but surely will be returning soon enough ;)