Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Working My @ss Off!!!

I have been extremely busy at work lately. I work at a local bank and with interest rates at an all time low, I am just swamped with refinances. Hopefully the market will start to get better and house prices will start to climb up again.

I have been looking at possibly purchasing another home myself. I already own a duplex and I am thinking another 2 unit might be a good investment in this market. Besides I wouldn't mind getting out of the area that I am currently living in. I am on a busy street, so it's very loud and I am looking for something a little more peaceful. I love the city but it will still only be a short drive away.

I recently made Angela's Basil Scalloped Tomatoes and Croutons, I did enjoy this dish, however the raw sugar I used didn't seem to go to well. I also used cherry tomatoes instead of grape. I do plan on making my own croutons for salads sometime soon as well. Because the Ezekial bread was so good toasted in the pan like that.

Pretty isnt it?

With fall right around the corner I am looking forward to getting in the kitchen more and making more "made from scratch" meals. I am talking soups, breads, desserts...... all of it.
I am sad to see summer go, we really had some great weather in Milwaukee this summer, nothing too humid, but after sitting in a cold office working all day, I have to admit the humidity is a nice change and I enjoy it, for a little while anyway.

I hope to keep the summer glow into the fall months for sure.


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