Wednesday, July 7, 2010

In Need of Detox....

I am in need of detox from all the sweets I consumed this long 4th of July weekend. My weekend was filled with lots of family, food, and fun.
Summerfest on Friday night to check out a group called NERD, it was so busy on Friday night it was hard to stay put in one place because there were people everywhere. Mostly we walked around and people watched.

I ate entirely too much sugar this weekend which includes lemon cake, cookies, banana creme bread, apple pie, vanilla ice cream, and coconut popsicles. Not too mention there could be more.... that is why I am trying to detox right now.

I am trying to eat raw fruits and veggies during the day and minimally steamed veggies and soups at night. Tonight it was steamed asparagus, raw spinach, tomato and carrot salad and instant miso soup.

This was dinner around 6pm, I was pretty hungry after work so I started making it as soon as I got home.  Afterwards I did some laundry and dishes, and took the pups for a long walk. I wanted a nap but worked out with Jackie Warner instead with a 40 minute full body workout. I am glad I did it felt great and I haven't done a strength training workout in a week. 

I so pretty sweaty post workout so I made a Protein Smoothie and it was great and perfect to cool me down. 

I leave you with some gorgeous pictures from the Milwaukee lakefront fireworks...

Hope everyone had a great Independence Day and honored those brave men and women who fought for it!!!!!


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