Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Daiya Review

I finally was able to try Daiya Vegan Cheese! It was located at my local co-op Outpost Natural Foods in the Cheddar flavor. I thought this would be great to try on nachos, pizzas, tacos.... the list goes on.

I have been craving some healthy style pizza and this what I decided to make with Daiya.

1 whole wheat tortilla
pizza sauce
mushrooms, zucchini, spinach, onions
italian seasonings and Daiya
Broil for 10 minutes or less watch carefully....
mine got a little crisp around the edges!

There is a thing as too much Vegan cheese. I did enjoy the Daiya but I definately put way too much on my pizza here. I was picking majority of it off because it was a bit overwhelming.
Less is more with this stuff!!!!

I can't wait to try it with some other recipes, maybe where the cheese is more blended or masked by another element. I think this would  be good in lasagna. Otherwise I am excited to  melt some into a refried bean dip or on bean burritos. I think both would turn out lovely. I will post those when I try them as well!!

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