Friday, January 15, 2010

Delicious Veggie Eatin'

It is freezing cold in the winter of Wisconsin, this is the time I usually hibernate at my house and never leave. Now that I have a Snuggie I figured a lot of my time would be spent playing Nintendo Wii and the New Super Mario Bros since I absolutely loved playing these types of games when I was a kid! However....
I have been doing phenomenal with my daily work out routines. I really enjoy staying in the house and getting my routine done right in my own living room. Not to mention working out with Jillian Michaels can be great fun!

I had been loading up on the green veggies lately, lots of green beans, broccli, brussel sprouts and my favorite... asparagus. I am also throwing spinach into my soy protein smoothies either pre- or -post workout.
I usually throw 1 banana, handful spinach, handful blueberries, strawberries, 1/2 cup almond milk and 1 scoop of chocolate soy protein powder. I was using up some of  my leftover whey protein that I found in a box (my entire kitchen pantry has been boxed for over a month while my kitchen is being remodeled). I did seem to get stomach aches after drinking the smoothies with the whey protein and I am thinking it's what I am combining into the smoothies or just the WHEY because I have cut all other dairy products out of my diet lately (milk, cheese, butter) so maybe my stomach is telling me something... time to pawn the WHEY onto someone else! :)
I have not been very creative with my eats lately, just throwing some random veggies into the steamer and enjoying them!
Steamed brussel sprouts & broccli w/ baked acorn squash

(packaged mixed greens with walnuts and rasberry vinigrette dressing)

I really enjoy a resturaunt that has a few vegetarian options on their menu and they are right down the block from my work...Sprizzo Gallery Caffe

(hummus veggie sandwich with tommato, green pepper and cucumber on 7 grain bread, with fresh fruit)

The homemade hummus is great and a nice alternative to my traditional SUBWAY lunch!!!

I hope you all are sticking to your 2010 resolutions and getting results! It's hard to keep it going but what better time than now to get into shape, there isn't much going on during the week so that is MY time for myself to work on getting what I want. I like to visualize what my body will look like once I get where I need to be. I want to be shredded & ripped :)
6 pack abs - yes please! Not sure if that is going to happen but hey, a girl can wish... right??


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