Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blizzards & Fish Markets.

Life in Wisconsin.... lots to do in summer including one of my favorites,

& can't forget what Milwaukee is known for....

Plus Milwaukee motorcyles rally's, Harley's 105th that was just here.... all in all great fun!!!! I am lucky enough to be able to ride on the back of one. Thrill seeker? Bad ass? Neither. Just fun fun fun :)
Well in winter - we always get lots of snow.. I don't understand why people are so suprised by all the snow.. I guess it takes some to re-adjusting to it after summer! I like snow at first but in March I start to grow tired of it. Thank goodness for this gorgeous machine that I call my own (4 wheel drive, baby).

2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited

Pretty isn't she? :) After having a 4 wheel drive truck in the winter of Wisconsin, I don't think I can go back to anything less.

I did get my Christmas tree up yesterday and for that I am proud! I thought about how hectic the house is lately and was not sure if I wanted to put one up this year, but then I thought how could I not????

Here is the masterpiece that Joslin & I finished last night :)

Sorry about the picture quality, took it on my blackberry since my camera was dead!

Not much exciting this week as far as eats go, I got some smart bacon (meatless) and made BLT's on whole grain bread, with a side of green beans and brown rice while watching the Packers victory over the Ravens.

I did have a fabulous lunch at Mitchell's Fish Market in Brookfield with some co-workers. They have a menu printed twice daily with fresh fish flown in daily from all over the world. They also offer a Gluten-Free Menu which I thought was nice. I ordered the "House Specialty" Cedar Plank Salmon which came with Balsamic eggplant, roasted vegetables, asparagus, portabella relish & small bits of goat cheese. Sorry no pictures here. This dish was fantastic, the roasted veggies complimented the fish and relish so nicely. All the flavors came together really nicely. Great lunch size portion as well.
I have not had any fish in the last few weeks so today was sort of a test day to see how I am feeling afterwards. I want to see if the fish "feels heavy" in my stomach like it is supposed to after eating mostly a plant based diet. So far, so good.
I plan on heading back to Mitchell's sometime soon & it's great to know that they offer non-fishy options as well, so my wonderful boyfriend can have options when I make him bring me here (he does not touch anything that resembles seafood or anything that lives in water for that matter).

We are supposed to get 5-8 inches over the evening and into Wednesday and another 3-5 on Wednesday! Once again thank goodness for 4-wheel drive... but it doesn't help on icy roads!!!

Here I am braving the roads in my Jeep in my new Victoria's Secret Pink jacket - which I love. I just don't understand why they don't have all their items in the store online....???

Everyone be safe on the roads if you live in a winter wonderland :)




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  2. Love you cousin!! I haven't been on the net in forever except for facebook!!

    That lunch sounds great and your Christmas tree looks gorgeous, as do you!!